"14...but ye shall pass before your brethren armed, all the
mighty men of valour, and help them;

15Until the LORD have given your brethren rest, as he hath given you, and
they also have possessed the land which the LORD your God giveth them:
then ye shall return unto the land of your possession, and enjoy it..."

Joshua 1: 14-15


  Transforming the lives of Women through Spiritual, Personal,
Professional Development

Our Goals:   
A Ministry of Prayer

We covenant to teach a lifestyle of Prayer.  We believe first and foremost, that true healing and wholeness are birthed in Prayer.  It is in Prayer, that the "chains" of our past and our present unhealthy and unholy lifestyles are broken.  It is in Prayer that true release comes.  It is in Prayer, that true obedience and submission to the Lord is birthed.  It is in Prayer, that doubt gives way to faith, and the divine pathway is opened to move the promises of God from the Heavenly realm to a "right now" manifestation in our lives.

A Ministry of Teaching
We covenant to teach and train Women of God to live the God-promised life and walk in their intended Destiny as Queens. We shall address any and all topics that affect our lives as women; self love, family and relationships, career...  We understand that God has given the skills, gifts and talents needed to lead virtuous and fulfilled lives, but we all need to position ourselves in settings where we can be mentored and developed.

A Ministry of Resources and Partnerships
We covenant to connect our sisters with a variety of resource, so that our development takes on the wholeness of the Spirit of the Lord.  We will provide an atmosphere that not only address the Spiritual needs of women, and the Practical needs of women such as; Personal and Professional Development including Health and Wellness (both physical and financial) and Accountability Networks to aid and support one another during this season of our lives..

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